I'm no angel...

Cat Angel Nancy

I'm not an angel, by any stretch of the imagination, but the Webmaster is a bit of a prankster, as well as Daddy to two of my favorite little kittens. So for the moment, he is getting away with this. My mission statement is on the main page, but my heart is captured by every kitten who comes into my care, and goes with every one that is adopted or that I cannot save. Doug made a tribute that brought a tear to my eye, and it was: To doubt someone who names hundreds of cats, and then remembers all of them after they have been adopted, was foolish on my part. For someone like her, to talk the spirits of little kittens into staying in this world, when they have such a tenuous start, she certainly must know them by their real names. I am not saying you shouldn't rename a kitten you adopt, but I think he saw the way I truly love each and every kitten that I care for. I can't do this alone, I have volunteers that come over just to handle and love all if the kittens. This makes for a much more well-adjusted pet, than those left only in cages and fed.


What to expect

With kitten adpted from Wholly Cats, you will receive a folder with all petinent medical information. All cats are tested for feline lukemia, and have all of their shots current, respective to those appropriate for their age. For instance rabies shots shouldn't be given until they are four months old. You will always be made aware of any special needs, your kitten may have.

pair of kittens