Ways to adopt one of my kittens

If you live in the Northern Georgia or Western North Carolina area, then I am in your neighborhood, and you can drop by to meet prospective additions to your family. If you aren't in the immediate area, a trip to this region would be well worth your time. It could result in a lifetime of love. Something that sets us apart from other adoption agencies, is the way our kittens are hand raised. Many shelters take in animals, but do not do more than feed and check the animal's health. I have volunteers, who come over almost every day just to handle and give the kittens love and attention. This human interaction makes for a much more well-adjusted cat. We also are partners with PetFinder.Com. Click on this link, to see what animals we have available through their site.

How to contact me

If you are interested in adopting a kitten, please make an appointment before showing up at my doorstep.

You can email me at:,

or call me at: 706-835-1828

inquisitive kitten

Adopted kittens can be picked up at:
77 Sara Lane
Blairsville GA 30512